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An angler's dream location

Fishing in Sarina

Fishing in Sarina

You too will be hooked on Sarina

Lacking the crowds of higher population areas, while still offering a plethora of fishing options, the Sarina area is an untapped gem for anglers.

Boasting several inshore islands and fringing reefs – Victor Island, Cullen Island, Taffy Island, Irving Island and Phillips Reef – the area has plenty of options for trailer boats looking to tangle with reef species like sweetlip, coral trout and tusk fish. During the cooler months, the area is also well known for producing some trophy snapper.

Pelagics like giant trevally and mackerel species are common catches on the pressure points of the islands and reefs, with trolled baits like gar and ribbonfish working well. Spreads of high-speed lures are also successful.

Land-based options are many, with Freshwater Point offering some excellent fringing reefs that are accessible on foot. Sarina and Campwin Beaches also offer opportunities to fish rocky headlands while targeting bread and butter special around the sand gutters.

Those looking to chase a barra, mangrove jack, salmon or mudcrab are also in luck. Rocky Dam Creek to the south of Sarina is a deep, winding waterway which is fed by a sizeable wetland system.  Rocky Dam is well known for its schools of both threadfin and blue salmon and numbers of barra.  These fish are best targeted with lures around drains, rock bars and fallen timber, but will take live baits as well. Javelin fish or grunter are also regularly caught but tend to be easier to target with baits, fresh or live.

For those looking for a freshwater fix, a short inland drive along the Marlborough Sarina Road grants access to Funnel Creek – a system known for its hard-hitting sooty grunter and occasional saratoga. Best fished in a small punt or canoe, anglers can cast small surface poppers and divers around bankside gums for a memorable dawn or dusk bite.

For anglers, the Sarina area is well worth exploring and offers many pristine fisheries that you will more than likely have all to yourself.

For more information about fishing in the whole region visit the Hooked on Mackay website or Hooked on Mackay Facebook page.